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Category Archives: Labor and Employment


What Does it Mean to Be a Whistleblower Under the Florida Private Whistleblower Act?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

What does it mean to be a whistleblower in Florida against your private-employer? And more specifically, how is a whistleblower defined under the Florida Private Sector Whistle-Blower’s Act (Florida Statutes Section 448.102)? Florida has two separate statutes designed to protect whistleblowers—one designed to protect public employees, and a second designed to protect employees in… Read More »


What Happens During the EEOC and FCHR Investigation Process After I File a Charge of Discrimination against my Florida Employer?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

So, you realized you may have an  employment discrimination claim. If you’re at the point where you’ve gotten your ducks in a row and filed a Charge of Discrimination with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and/or Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR), you may then be wondering, what happens next? At first… Read More »


Am I Protected Against Pregnancy Discrimination Under Florida Law?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

There are many ways in which women may face employment discrimination, from unequal pay to pregnancy discrimination on the job. If you work in Florida and were terminated or demoted after your employer found out you were pregnant, what kinds of protections exist under current law? Until 2015, the Florida Civil Rights Act (FCRA)… Read More »


What Can I Do if My Employer Decides to Keep an Employee Who is Discriminating Against Me?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

It may be that you’ve complained about someone at work who is discriminating/harassing or retaliating against you at your Florida workplace, yet nothing has been done – that person is still employed. Or, maybe the employer decided to hire someone that they knew or should have known had a background of harassing behavior or… Read More »


What Does it Mean to Be a Whistleblower against a Public Employer in Florida?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

You might have heard about certain protections for whistleblowers in Florida, but how exactly does the law define a whistleblower in the public employment arena? And in practice, what does it mean to be a whistleblower at your public employer workplace? In order to help you understand what it means to be a whistleblower… Read More »


What is a Hostile Working Environment and What Should I Do if I Think I Have One?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

Feel like the treatment you’re facing at work is unbearable? When might your workplace situation rises to the level of a hostile work environment claim? Hostile work environment claims are one of the most commonly misunderstood claims under the law. Many people believe that they have a hostile work environment claim when a coworker… Read More »


In Florida, Can I Have Two Different Employers For the Same Job? What is a Joint Employer?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

It may be a term introduced to you from an initial job interview or maybe it is something that comes up when you’re completing your new hire paperwork: “joint employers.” Perhaps, for others, it is a term you’ve never heard in the workplace, but wondering if it may apply to your work situation. Generally… Read More »


What Does It Mean to “Mitigate Your Damages” in Your Employment Law Case, and Why Does It Matter?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

An individual seeking to proceed with a claim for wrongful termination or discrimination in the workplace may be informed at some point of the need to “mitigate their damages.”    But what does it mean to “mitigate damages” and why are these important in your employment claim? In short, mitigating your damages means that an… Read More »


Age Discrimination in Florida Employment: Do I Have a Claim?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

Concerned you have been the victim of age discrimination in Florida? Were you recently demoted or terminated for reasons that may have to do with your age? Or did you apply for a job recently, and do you suspect that the company decided not to hire you because of your age? You may be… Read More »


Am I an Independent Contractor or an Employee? And Can I Choose?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

Many people who work in Florida, want to know if they are classified as independent contractors or employees. This is especially true for those who perform contracting work, are paid commission-only, or get paid through their own company (like an LLC), For instance, if you do part-time editing work for a local company, or… Read More »

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