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Monthly Archives: May 2018


Should An Employer Make Employees Sign or Acknowledge the Employee Handbook?

By Scott Law Team |

Regardless of size, every Florida employer should consider having an employee handbook. An Employee Handbook is a document outlining the employer’s policies with regard to issues like working hours, rest breaks, vacation time, and expectations for workplace conduct. Keep in mind, an employee handbook is not the same thing as an employment contract, and… Read More »

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Four Important Policies Employers Should Consider to Add to an Employee Handbook

By Scott Law Team |

No matter the size, it is important for Florida businesses to consider maintaining policies and procedures for their employees, such as an Employee Handbook. A handbook should give employees a clear direction as to your expectations of their conduct  as it relates to the business and their job, as well as their responsibilities. While… Read More »

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Congress Halts Trump Administration’s Efforts to Change Employee Tipping Rules

By Scott Law Team |

Many Florida workers, notably those in the restaurant and hospitality industries, rely on tips as a critical part of their income. Indeed, federal and state minimum wage laws allow employers to credit an employee’s tips towards their own obligations. In Florida, for instance, the regular minimum wage is $8.25 per hour as of 2018…. Read More »

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