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Monthly Archives: January 2021


If My Non-Compete Agreement is Lost, Is It Still Enforceable?

By Scott Law Team |

Under Florida law, non-compete agreements are enforceable, subject to certain restrictions. One such restriction is that the agreement must be in writing and signed by the employee. In other words, an oral non-compete agreement is unenforceable. But what if your non-compete agreement is lost – is it still enforceable? Courts May Consider “Parol” Evidence… Read More »

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Is My Non-Compete Agreement Overbroad? When a Court May Decide to Limit the Geographic Scope of a Non-Compete

By Scott Law Team |

Many people sign non-compete agreements with their employers without necessarily taking the time to understand its precise terms. You may just assume the non-compete limits you to working for a competitor in the same town or county, especially when the agreement says as much. But while many non-compete agreements may purport to apply on… Read More »

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