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Florida Labor & Employment Lawyer
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About Us

Scott Law Team offers legal services to employers and employees in the areas of labor and employment as well as healthcare law. Our firm offers consultation and representation for employees subjected to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and with questions about their wages, health benefits, unemployment, overtime pay, employee status, compensation agreements, non-competes and employment contracts.

We also represent employers. We provide a number of services including representation, counsel and assistance in the creation and updates of employee policies, handbooks and contracts, and employment litigation. We also provide sexual harassment training and FLSA and OSHA audits. Our experience litigating on behalf of employees has us uniquely positioned to represent employers facing unjustified claims.

Do you have questions about your employment? The way you are being treated? Concerned you are not being paid properly? Or maybe you are an employer looking for guidance on an employment-related issue, or questions about pay practices and overtime?

The first step in seeking representation starts with a consultation with one of our competent lawyers Scott Law Team. For your convenience, we offer consultations in-person at one of our office locations, online (through video conferencing), and by telephone.

What is a consultation?

During your consultation at Scott Law Team, you will have the opportunity to discuss your legal situation with one of our lawyers. A consultation is a chance for our lawyers to understand the facts and details of your situation and to make legal recommendations about the best recourse and options available based on your particular situation. One size does not fit all, and we ensure each client’s situation is assessed based on the specific facts which have occurred.

During the consultation, you may discuss with the lawyer questions about Florida and federal laws to better understand potential causes of action. During the consultation, our lawyers may also explore opportunities to help you in the future – maybe you have questions about the unemployment benefit process with the Department of Economic Opportunities, or concerns about the reference you are receiving from your employer. We can address these questions, and more, during your consultation.

Where does my consultation take place?

For your convenience, we have three full-service offices in Florida and offer virtual consultations to serve you – in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville. By appointment only, we may also serve you at a consultation in other locations throughout Florida. Please contact our office for more information about these locations.

For those clients who cannot make it to our offices, or would simply prefer to stay in the comfort of their home, we also offer consultations by video conferencing – including Zoom, FaceTime, and GoToMeeting – as well as telephone consultations.

Our office staff would be happy to discuss the consultation method that works best for you and can be reached at 561-653-0008.

What is the price of the consultation?

The price of your consultation is dependent on the type of representation you seek. An intake paralegal at our office can provide you with this information at 561-653-0008.

Why Us?

board-certified-logoScott Law Team serves clients across Florida, with offices in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville, and is staffed with approachable and knowledgeable lawyers who understand the intricacies of employment law from the perspectives of both the employer and employee. This offers a distinct advantage in employment law cases.

When counseling a client regarding a case, our skilled employment law attorneys are able to present the client with a “big picture” view of the case, including the likelihood of a particular outcome, as it applies to Florida law. This unique understanding of all aspects and perspectives of Florida employment law affords our attorneys the ability to provide counsel and representation without bias or prejudice.

Upon entering the offices of Scott Law Team, you will be greeted with a comfortable, calm atmosphere. Our staff is courteous and professional, offering an unparalleled level of service in employment, entertainment and civil rights law. We understand that the lawyer / client relationship is critical, and we strive to provide each client with the same team of legal professionals throughout the process. Because labor law and client needs change, we also provide ongoing legal counsel to businesses.

Whether you are an employer who needs legal advice on non-compete agreements, an employee who has concerns about discrimination or a medical practice seeking assistance with HIPAA, our lawyers can assist you in your particular situation.

At Scott Law Team, our approachable and knowledgeable lawyers are dedicated to providing skilled legal representation for your unique situation. Contact our office today for more information on how we can help you.

Want to do a consult in the comfort of your own home? We offer video teleconferencing consults via Zoom and FaceTime.

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