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Florida Wrongful Termination Lawyer

An employee may file a claim of wrongful termination against an employer if he or she believes the termination was based on one or more protected characteristics such as: age, race, sex, national origin, disability, gender, pregnancy, color, sexual orientation and identity or for complaints about harassment or discrimination. However, proving wrongful termination can be challenging in the state of Florida. Seek the advice of an experienced Florida wrongful termination lawyer if you feel you have been fired unlawfully from your job.

Contracts May Offer Protection from Wrongful Termination

Some employers require employees to sign papers to confirm they work as an at-will employee. Other employers may provide an employee contract stating the terms under which an employee has been hired to work. This type of contract usually spells out the conditions under which an employee may be terminated. Although less common, employers may verbally express to an employee they can be terminated only for certain reasons. An employee may be able to bring a wrongful termination claim, whether the contract is written or oral.

Wrongful Termination Claims

A wrongful termination claim can be made under Florida law under a few conditions. In Florida, legal conditions for an employee to make a wrongful termination claim against their employer may include:

  • Breach of contract – if employee works under a contract
  • Discrimination – employee is terminated because of race, age or other protected category
  • Refusal to participate in discrimination
  • Making a worker’s compensation claim
  • For being owed wages or overtime pay
  • Testifying against an employer when required by law
  • Taking leave for bereavement, illness or disability

The law includes a number of exceptions for applying these requirements. An experienced Florida wrongful termination lawyer can explain how these might apply in your specific situation.

Resolve Issues Before a Claim is Filed

Due to the controversial nature of many issues relating to wrongful termination, lawyers with experience in wrongful termination claims can help employers and employees resolve legal issues amicably to save time and resources. They can also provide advice on proper labor and employment law practices to prevent legal issues before they happen. Employees may avoid the need for a wrongful termination lawsuit by seeking legal advice before accepting an employment offer. Contact our Florida wrongful termination lawyers today.

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