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Recent Blog Posts


Marijuana as an Accommodation in the Workplace: Clearing the Haze

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

So, you’re a Florida resident and you’ve got a medical marijuana card for your medical condition. Think you’re cool to light up for that medical condition with no repercussions at work? Tread carefully… For any Florida employee with a medical marijuana card, it is important to understand how marijuana use is treated in our… Read More »


Defend Trade Secrets Act—What Employers Need to Know

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

In 2016, the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) became new law that created a federal cause of action for trade secret misappropriation. Prior to this law taking effect, employers or owners of trade secrets who were dealing with trade secret misappropriation were left primarily with remedies in state courts. While the DTSA does not… Read More »


Eleventh Circuit Reinforces Convincing Mosaic Standard in Gender and Race Discrimination Cases

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

The case of Lewis v. Union City, Georgia, No. 15-11362 (11th Cir. December 15, 2017) involved perception of disability and the convincing mosaic standard for her race and gender claims.  Jacqueline Lewis is an African American police detective who was terminated from her position after ten (10) years of service based on the allegation… Read More »


Using the Employer’s Computer System at Work: What is Allowed and What is Illegal (the Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act)?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

If you have a job in Florida in which you regularly have access to your employer’s computer system, or if your job requires you to be on the computer as part of your job duties, you probably wonder with some frequency: what is allowed and what is illegal when it comes to using the… Read More »


What Are Legitimate Business Interests and What Does that Have to Do with My Florida Non-Compete Agreement?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

If you’re like many employees working in Florida, you may have signed a  non-compete agreement at some time during your employment. Commonly, employees are asked to sign a non-compete as part of their offer of employment letter. Even sometimes,  the non-compete agreement is contained within the Employee Handbook and part of what you sign… Read More »


Responding to Complaints of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Tips for Employers, Business Owners, and Managers

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

There is no doubt about it. Sexual harassment claims are on the rise. The EEOC reports that it receives more than 27,000 complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace each year. And with the recent allegations against many prominent figures in the media, these types of claims do not show signs of slowing down… Read More »


Responding to Employee Complaints in the Workplace: Best Practices for Business Owners, Employers, and Managers

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

Are you an employer who  received a complaint from an employee concerning employment discrimination or sexual harassment? The first question any employer has in this circumstance is what to do. Have a System in Place to Receive Complaints  What are best practices for employers, business owners, and managers who receive complaints from employees? First… Read More »


Can My Florida Employer Automatically Deduct My Lunch Breaks From My Paycheck?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

Are you an hourly employee in Florida whose employer automatically deducts lunch breaks from your paycheck, regardless as to whether you take the break or how long your break may be? If so, is this legal? In short, an employer may deduct a lunch break from your paycheck, but within limitations. Your employer may… Read More »


What is a Charge of Discrimination?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

If you have been the subject of employment discrimination or retaliation in Florida, you may be considering what steps you need to take to protect your rights under the law. Under Florida state law as well as federal law, there are important prerequisites an employee must take to preserve their abilities to bring a… Read More »


Are Criminal Background Checks for Florida Employees Legal?

By Scott • Wagner and Associates |

When you apply for a job in Florida, is your future employer allowed to use the results of a criminal background check when making an employment decision? Or are they allowed to run a background check on you prior to offering you the position? What about running a background check on you while you… Read More »

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