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Category Archives: Wrongful Termination


Can You Still Sue For Wrongful Termination If You Accepted A Severance Package In Florida?

By Scott Law Team |

A severance package is a bundle of pay and benefits that is offered to an employee who has been laid off or otherwise terminated from a company. You may be wondering: Can you sue for wrongful termination if you agreed to take a severance package? The answer is generally “no”—though the terms of the… Read More »

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Florida Employment Law: What is a Constructive Discharge?

By Scott Law Team |

An employee may leave a job for a wide variety of different reasons. In some cases, the position may simply not be the right fit. In other cases, there may be a better opportunity available. Of course, not all workers resign of their own volition. Unfortunately, some employees are all but forced to quit… Read More »

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