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Were You Fired from Your Job in Florida? Five Signs You Need to Speak to a Lawyer


Florida is an at-will employment state—meaning an employer can terminate a worker at any time and for virtually any reason. That being said, employees cannot be fired for illegal reasons. If you were recently let go, it is possible that your rights were violated. You may have a valid claim on  the grounds of wrongful termination. In this article, you will find a list of five signs you should speak to a wrongful termination lawyer if you were fired from your job in Florida.

  1. You Have An Employment Contract 

When you sign an employment contract in Florida, it is crucial to understand its terms and conditions. In many cases, that contract will outline the reasons and procedures for termination. If you have been fired and suspect that your employer violated these terms, there could be a potential legal issue. A lawyer can review your contract to determine if there were any breaches, such as not adhering to a required notice period or firing without just cause as defined in the contract. 

  1. You Believe You Were Discriminated Against 

Workplace discrimination can manifest in many forms, such as unequal treatment based on race, gender, age, or disability. If you suspect your termination was due to such discrimination, it’s vital to gather evidence like emails, witness statements, or instances of different treatment. Documenting these can support your claim. Federal and state employment laws protect workers from discrimination. Your lawyer can review your case and help you understand your rights 

  1. You Recently Raised a Complaint to Your Employer (Protected Activity) 

Protected activities in the workplace include reporting harassment, discrimination, or safety violations. If you raised such a complaint or participated in an investigation and were subsequently fired, this could be a case of retaliation. Retaliation against employees for engaging in protected activities is illegal. A Florida wrongful termination lawyer can help determine if your termination was in direct response to your complaint. 

  1. You Were Wrongly Accused of Misconduct 

Being falsely accused of misconduct, such as theft, fraud, or harassment, is a serious allegation that can damage your professional reputation. If you believe your termination was based on false accusations, it’s essential to seek legal counsel. A top-tier Florida wrongful termination lawyer can help you collect and present evidence to refute the allegations. 

  1. You Believe that Something Doesn’t Feel Right 

Finally, there may be some cases in which your intuition may signal that your firing was not justified. If you have a gut feeling that there’s more to your termination than meets the eye, it might be worth exploring. Unexplained changes in treatment from your employer, vague reasons for termination, or being replaced under questionable circumstances can all be red flags.

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Wrongful termination cases are complicated. You do not have to take on the legal process alone. The right legal counsel can make the difference. Schedule a fully confidential case review with a top-tier Florida wrongful termination attorney today.

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