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New York City Music Contract Review Lawyer

New York plays a huge role in the history of American music. Not only is it home to Broadway and several major record labels, but New York City was home to the birth or popularization of many styles of music, including hip hop, electronic dance music, punk rock, and more.

At Scott Law Team, our New York City music contract review lawyers are knowledgeable, solutions-driven advocates for clients. If you or your company is preparing to enter into a music industry contract, we are available to help. Call us now for a confidential consultation.

We Provide Music Contract Services Throughout New York

As part of our New York music law practice, we review a wide range of contracts on behalf of clients. Contracts are at the basis of most commercial relationships in the modern music industry. Before you sign an agreement, it is imperative that you confirm that it is in your best interests. Music contracts we review in New York include:

  • Band Contracts: Band members and other artists that collaborate on projects can often benefit from signing a comprehensive agreement that governs that relationship. Doing so can help to establish and protect your rights.

  • Management and Agency Contracts: Our New York music law attorneys have the skills and experience to review management and agency contracts. Musicians that sign with a manager or management agency must ensure that their agreement protects their interests .

  • Licensing Agreements: Music rights are primarily protected through copyright law. A copyright holder has the ability to license a musical composition to an outside party—for reproduction or performance. This can be done in exchange for a flat-fee, a royalty payment, or some combination. We review music licensing agreements in New York.

  • 360 Music Contracts: It is increasingly common for artists, performers, and musicians to sign more comprehensive contracts called 360 deals or 360 agreements. These types of entertainment industry contracts establish an in-depth relationship between a musician and a music industry company. A proposed 360 deal should always be reviewed by an experienced New York musical law attorney.

How Our New York Music Contract Review Lawyers Can Help

Music industry contracts are complex. At Scott Law Team, we help our clients navigate legal agreements, ensuring that their rights and interests are fully protected. Among other things, our New york music contract review attorneys are prepared to:

  • Carefully review any contractual documents that you have been presented;
  • Ensure that you understand all of the terms and implications of the agreement; and
  • Take proactive legal measures to protect your interests.

Contact Our New York Music Contract Review Attorneys Today

At Scott Law Team, our New York music contract review lawyers have the skills and legal experience that you can count on. If you have any questions about music contract review, we are here to help. To arrange a strictly private, no commitment initial consultation with a New York contract review attorney, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

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