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The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) administers Florida’s Reemployment Assistance Process, which provides an opportunity for employees who are separated from work to receive benefits while on the path to reemployment. Through the DEO’s website, individuals may file a reemployment assistance claim to begin the process. Contact our Florida unemployment lawyers today for more information.

Separated individuals claiming benefits must be ready and able to work, and actively search for a new job. The DEO requires individuals to submit at least (5) search contacts per week in order to continue to receive benefits.

Unfortunately, some employees find themselves in a situation where their employer has contested their entitlement to benefits, and thus, face the prospect of a hearing with a deputy from the DEO to determine eligibility. At Scott • Wagner and Associates, we can assist employees with the DEO’s appeal process.

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Appeals with the DEO are time sensitive. Therefore, if you find that you have been wrongfully denied unemployment benefits, we urge you to act fast. Contact our office today to a consultation and learn more about the services we may offer to employees like you, our Florida unemployment & DEO appeal lawyers can help.

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