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Monthly Archives: December 2018


My Employer Makes Me Work Through Lunch Breaks or Automatically Deducts Lunch Breaks from My Paycheck: Is This Legal? (Unpaid Wages Under Florida Law)

By Scott Law Team |

While Florida is not a state that requires an employer to give employees rest or meal breaks, employees can still be wrongfully unpaid for a rest or meal break if they are given one. Commonly in Florida, employees are given lunch “breaks” – only to be told that they need to still answer the… Read More »

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Are you Misclassified as an Independent Contractor? Understanding Worker Classification in Florida

By Scott Law Team |

In the age of the gig economy (freelance work), it can be more difficult for workers to know if they should be classified as an “employee” or as an “independent contractor.” This is far more than a semantic difference — employees have certain rights under federal and state labor laws that independent contractors do… Read More »

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