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Monthly Archives: December 2022


Employee Rights: Debunking Four Of The Most Common Myths About Employment Law In Florida

By Scott Law Team |

Hard working employees in Florida rely on their paycheck. Your workplace rights matter. There are many myths and misconceptions about employee rights in Florida. In this article, you will find four of the most common myths about employment law in Florida debunked. Myth #1: Florida is an At-Will Employment State, So an Employer Cannot… Read More »

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Can You Still Sue For Wrongful Termination If You Accepted A Severance Package In Florida?

By Scott Law Team |

A severance package is a bundle of pay and benefits that is offered to an employee who has been laid off or otherwise terminated from a company. You may be wondering: Can you sue for wrongful termination if you agreed to take a severance package? The answer is generally “no”—though the terms of the… Read More »

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Is My Florida Employer Required To Give Me Time Off For Medical Reasons?

By Scott Law Team |

Dealing with a medical issue is complicated—especially so for those who have work obligations. This raises an important question: Is an employer in Florida required to give you time off for medical reasons? The short answer is “it depends”—there is no guaranteed right to sick leave under Florida law, but some employees have rights… Read More »

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