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8 Steps to Take to Get a Promotion

While working hard and generating results may eventually earn you that coveted promotion, there are other ways to speed the process along. Learn what proactive steps you should be taking to ensure career advancement.

  1. Demonstrate a strong capacity for growth. Identify 3-4 areas in your work that will enable you to grow in your company and better contribute and then invest in those areas. This may entail taking extension courses, doing online training, volunteering or making other additional commitments.

  2. Communicate your aspirations to your boss. Don’t wait until they bring up the topic of advancement. Instead, ask them for an opportunity to “discuss your career”.

  3. Maintain an attractive attitude. Likability is an extremely important factor in getting your aptitude recognized and appreciated. Establish positive relationships with coworkers, supervisors and underlings.

  4. Demonstrate a strong work ethic. Understand what others need from you and deliver it on time and with accuracy.

  5. Find a mentor. Mentors are a good source for career assessment and can ultimately be champions of your skills to the right people.

  6. Keep a file of your successes. Record all the achievements you’ve made and the goals you’ve met. This will help make your case for a promotion by illustrating how you add value.

  7. Groom a successor. One way of getting stuck in a position is when you’re the only one who can do your job. Share your knowledge and skills and, when you are going on vacation, ask other people to handle parts of your job.

  8. Create your own opportunities. Try to identify areas that have been neglected in your organization and write a proposal as to how you could address them using your unique skill set.

Getting promoted often requires strategy and initiative on your part. Be sure you are doing everything to maximize your chances of advancement.       


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