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Monthly Archives: February 2023


Wrongful Termination In Florida: Public Policy Violations

By Scott Law Team |

In the context of employment law, the term public policy can be understood as the overriding principles—sometimes unwritten—upon which laws are based. In some cases, a public policy violation could be the basis of an employee’s wrongful termination claim. Here, you will find an overview of wrongful termination based on public policy in Florida…. Read More »

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EEOC Issues Updated ADA Guidance For Employees With Hearing Impairments

By Scott Law Team |

On January 24th, 2023, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) officially released a new updated resource document for employers and employees called Hearing Disabilities in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The resource document provides technical guidance on how the ADA applies to workers who are deaf or otherwise have a hearing… Read More »

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Two Florida Construction Companies Sued For Race Discrimination

By Scott Law Team |

On September 30th, 2022, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that race discrimination in employment lawsuits have been filed against two construction companies in Florida. One of the employers is based in the Tampa area and the other employer is based in the Orlando area. Within this article, you will find a more… Read More »

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