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Can employers monitor their employees’ internet usage or read their emails?

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Under Florida law, there’s no expectation of privacy in the workplace. Therefore, an employer would be within their rights to monitor an employee’s internet usage as well as reading their emails. If an employee has questions about what those policies might be, they’re often outlined in your employee handbook. That would be a good place to look to what your rights might be under the workplace and with regard to your email usage and internet usage. However, with regard to how you use your internet and your email, you may have certain rights if you’re being disciplined with regard to your usage. For instance, under the National Labor Relations Act, if you’re using your email or your internet in order to engage in concerted activity to discuss the terms and conditions of your workplace with your coworkers, and you receive discipline as a result of that, that may very well be a violation of the National Labor Relations Act, and it’s a good idea to seek consultation with an employment lawyer to know for sure.

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