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Florida Labor & Employment Lawyer
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I’ve heard that florida is an at-will state. Do I really need an lawyer?

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Even though Florida is an at will state, there are a still certain rights that you have as an employee in the state of Florida. For instance, if you’re being targeted due to a protected trait, your gender, national origin, disability, your age, or some other sort of protected trait that’s recognized under Florida or federal law, you may have certain rights that an employment lawyer can advise you. It’s always a good idea to seek consultation from an employment lawyer. Similarly, you may have signed certain things such as a restrictive covenant, a non-compete, a non-solicit. You may have certain obligations that extend even after your employment. It’s important that you’re advised on those. We can help you at Scott Law Team with understanding what those rights are, as well as what your obligations may have been under an employment contract. It’s best to seek a consultation with an employment lawyer if you have questions regarding those.

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