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What can the courts do to remedy my claim of discrimination?

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If you find yourself as a plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking damages against a former or current employer, there are tons of different remedies the court can award you if you’re successful with your claim. The most common is back wages. The court can also award reinstatement, give you back your job, as part of the damages. You can get front pay, which is usually the difference between your current employment, if you have any, and your former employer. You’re also entitled to get compensatory damages, which include economic damages such as pain and suffering, loss of opportunity, humiliation, the pain and suffering, if you will, that you underwent because of your being a victim of discrimination. It doesn’t end there. In rare cases the court can also award, by way of jury, punitive damages. This happens in less than 2% of all cases, but it is a possibility, as well as lawyers fees and costs.

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