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What do employment at will and for cause mean?

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Under Florida law we’re recognized as being an at-will employment state. Which means that your employer can make any decision about hiring, firing, promotion, demotion or pay as long as it’s not discriminatory or based on a protected trait such as your national origin, your age, religion, other sorts of protected traits that are covered under local and federal laws.

A for-cause state may be a state unlike Florida, where your employer can only make a decision regarding your employment for a cause. Now even though we’re an employment at-will state under Florida and the employer can make any kind of decision regarding your employment as long as it’s not discriminatory, in order for an employer to defeat any potential claim of unemployment benefits, the employer must show that you were terminated for misconduct or [in degradation 00:00:55] of a rule that was established by the employer.

If you have questions about what that might be or how you can take advantage of the rights that you have as an employee in the workplace, it’s a good idea to seek consultation with an employment lawyer who can explore that with you further.

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