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What should I do if my employer refuses to give me my vacation pay?

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If your employer refuses to pay vacation time that you’ve earned and accrued, you may very well have a claim. Step one, though, would be to ask for it and consult the written policies and handbook that that employer has. Under Florida law an employer could have a policy that says, if you don’t use all your time in an allotted period of time, then you lose it. Under Florida law that could be enforceable, depending on the circumstances. If there is no policy the next thing you want to look at is how have they treated other employees as it relates to vacation time? In other words, have they paid out when an employee separates or do they not? Their prior practice would be very important to know. In general, if your company does not pay you time that you’ve earned, probably you have a wage and hour claim and you should consider consulting with a labor and employment lawyer.

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