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What is an intake? Is it the same as a free consultation?

At our law firm, Scott Law Team, we don’t offer free consultations for employment discrimination claims and wrongful discharge cases. What we offer is something different. It’s called an intake. What an intake means is that we sit down with you and review your situation and all of your rights. Any current questions that you might be having if you’re a current employee, we’ll help you answer those and navigate through a process. If it’s necessary for you to complain to human resources or file anything with the administrative agencies, we’ll help you through that process often as part of the initial intake. If you’re a terminated employee, we’ll make sure that your termination was lawful and we’ll help you navigate through the separation process, which often can include unemployment, finding out about references, whether you’ve signed any restrictive covenants like a non-compete, and whether those are enforceable. The intake is all about you. In firms that offer what’s called a free consultation, the intake’s really about whether that firm wants to represent you. This is a different spin. This is how we can help you go through this process and figure out what’s best and what’s a good fit for you.

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